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Rules of the game

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:16 pm

Welcome to this Gorean RPG. Now this game might be a little different from other Gorean games you might have been in as this is a play by post and is going to be structured far more like a regular RPG game, we will not be using dice and stats but I will act as a GM as well as a player and guide the story along, though it is our story, not mine so feel free to make and use NPCs and have things happen in the game as you wish to create a good story. Here are some basic rules of the game though.

You are allowed to have more than one character however consider how much time you have to game, it is better to have one character that get much time and attention so he or she can have some good storylines and development, then three that mostly are just sitting there.

You can use NPCs, non player characters, that is every character that is not a player character but be consistent with them, if the Merchant down the street from the tavern your character live in have earlier been kind to beggars and a general jolly fellow he is not likely to be a hard man with no compassion all of a sudden, and the tavern keeper's noble, haughty free companion is not suddenly going to sit down an play dice with with men in the establishment, so be consistent but use and create NPCs as needed to further the storyline.

This is a game, even if you play a slave in this game do not mean you are one or that you belong to the player of your character's Master. Roleplay is allot of fun and it can even be educational for us who are in the Gorean lifestyle, but it is important to separate fantasy from reality, our characters live on another planet, we do not.

You can play any character is is possible to have on Gor, that means your character can be unlikely, but not impossible, a Earth boy who managed to sneak into a Ship of Acquisition and later impressed a warrior enough to adopt him and now he is a great and feared Tarnsman yes, an elf no.

If you have to leave the game or be absent for several weeks please let me know so I can make the appropriate adjustments in game.

Please keep all OOC discussions in the OOC threads, the IC threads are for the game itself.
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