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Raina of Treve

Post by Anja Rebekka Schultze on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:21 pm

Name: Raina of Treve

Nationality: Raina was born in the city of Treve to an Gorean father and a mother from the Earthen nation of Spain.

Free or slave: Raina is a runaway slave masquerading as a free woman.

Caste: Merchant (Magicians) (This is a lie since she is a runaway slave but it is how she presents herself.

Personality: Raina is intelligent and quick witted, she is kind and compassionate but she have a devious side especially when it comes to her own survival, due to her harsh treatment Raina is somewhat nervous and skittish and the fear of being found out and recaptured hangs over her constantly, the young woman is troubled by nightmares and she is deathly afraid of fire. Raina is friendly but she is nervous about letting anyone to close out of fear of them figuring out that she is a runaway. All in all Raina is a survivor, but she have struggled so long and she desperately wish for someone to take the burdens from her shoulders and take care of her, even if she do not admit this desire to herself. Part of Reina just want all the fleeing and fear to be over, even if it means her death, though her stubborn streak will never allow her to give up.

Age: 127

Apparent Age: 25

Appearance: Once Raina was extremely beautiful, she is of half Earth stock so she stand a little taller than most Gorean females, her eyes are dark, chocolate brown and her hair is thick, lush and hand straight and long in a black braid to her waist. Raina's skin is pale and her lips pouthy and resemble a red rose. Reina is just a hint plump something that give her a very female shape though that is not easy to see under the layers of off white and gray robes that hides her body. Raina is of a low caste though so she do not wear a face veil and she only tie a white scarf around her head when in public, her only adornment are a string of blue glass beads around her neck. Yes Raina was once extremely beautiful and in many ways she still is, however now one can see the toll of hardship and pain in her dark eyes, and under her robes are a multitude of scars, burns and marks from when a metal worker owned her and let his apprentice practice branding on her flesh, the young woman's back is criss crossed with scars after a snake whip biting into her flesh. On Raina's left tight are her original brand, a kef and she is terrified that anyone would ever see it and figure out that she is not free and the punishment for a runaway is never kind.

Bio: Raina was born in the city to Treve to a fairly successful silk merchant and his former slave who he had freed and companioned. Raina had three brothers and a sister and her early years where filled with happiness and safety, even if the city they lived in was harsh and brutal. Raina's life was laid out for her, she would become to free companion to some rich man in the caste and life a life of ease and comfort. To help her future companion Raina studied how to run a shop and how to calculate numbers, and from her mother she learned to speak Spanish and English to Earth languages. Yes Raina's life had been planned out for her, but the Priest Kings wanted it differently and one day when the young maiden and her two guards where out traveling to visit relatives in another city they where set upon by bandits, Raina's guards where both killed and she herself was captured and sold to slavers.

Like most Gorean girls, even rich free women Raina had always known there was a chance that she would become enslaved, and while she did not like her situation she accepted it and heeded her mother's advice to obey her new masters and not cause a fuss, that would better her chance to be sold to a good man and not end up hurt. Raina hated some of the things done do her, but the slaver who had bought her was a compassionate man, and other than her brand he caused the young woman very little pain. Eventually Raina was put up for auction and a warrior named Maderus bought her. Maderus was a good man, honorable and brave and the young slave soon found herself falling for him. For several years she served Maderus and while her life was not as she had imagined it when she was a child, and despite missing her family Raina was happy and fulfilled, life as a slave was a good one, well that was until Maderus got a free companion.

The Master's new companion Lady Ashra was a cruel and bitter woman, she begrudged her man his time with his slave girls and in particular she hated Raina since she had a special relationship with Maderus. One day Ashra ordered Raina to run to another homestead with a message for her, and wanting to make a good impression on her new Mistress Raina asked no questions and just did as asked, it turned out that the message she had been sent to deliver was sensitive papers from Maderus desk and the man she delivered them to was her Master's enemy. Maderus believed his free companion on her claim that Raina had betrayed him and stolen the papers from his office and in rage he had the girl severely beaten with a snake and then he had her branded with three punishment brands right under the kef mark on her thigh. Raina remember just an onslaught of pain from the punishment and at some point during the torture she passed out, when next she awoke she had been sold and lay in a dirty carriage being taken away from the Master she had loved and served for so long.

The next few years where hell for Raina, a girl marked with punishment brands do not sell for much and she went from owner to owner, a cheap girl for dirty enjoyment, she was beaten, abused and raped bu more men than she can remember, eventually though she ended up with a metal worker named Karis who had bought her simply so that his apprentice Mard could practice branding on live flesh. Reina remember near a year of torture, days spent restrained to a board as the young metal worker learned his craft, again and again hot metal kissed her skin until every part of her flesh save her hands and face was pock marked with over lapping brands and scars.

Eventually there where no more places to mark the poor Raina and she was again sold, this time to some miners who needed workers, she would be the end of the line, a mine slave never lived long, but marked and scarred as she was there was nowhere else to sell her. Raina remember sitting in a dirty cart being transported in chains to the place she would die and thinking that at least now that hellish year of torture was over, the young woman was ready to give up on life but then as if it was a divine sign two wild tarns attacked the miners party, Reina did not know exactly what she was doing but she got up while the guards where distracted and she ran, ran until her lungs burned and her legs turned weak and then she ran further until she eventually collapsed.

If Raina had been worth more perhaps the miners would have looked for her longer, she she was not and they quickly gave up pursuit of the runaway slave and continued towards their mines, for the time being Raina was saved, but she could have ended up being in more trouble as runaway's where always treated very harshly if found. Raina's survival instincts kicked in and she managed to get her hands out of the chains that restrained her then she managed to get to the nearest city where she stole some clothes and managed to find work with a magician working in the city as his assistant.

Raina worked with Kellus the magician for a few years, she learned the art of slight of hand and showmanship from him and was accepted into the Magician's caste. Eventually when the runaway felt it was not safe to remain in one place anymore she left her teacher and she have been traveling from city to city every since. Raina provides for herself by putting on street shows and do divination for her customers, it is not a luxurious life but it earns her enough coin to be able to sleep in a bed each night and have a full belly. Raina never stops looking over her shoulder, she is fully aware that the miners who bought her have long forgotten about the little runaway who made a break for it during transport, however she is terrified that anyone else will discover her dark secret and so she always keep moving, never settling down and this is just tiring the young woman out. Part of Raina want to go home to her mother and father, she knew they would protect her, but she do not want to shame them by letting them know what have happened to her in her life, so instead she keeps running.

Equipement: Raina have the clothes on her back, one clean shift of clothing, a blanket, equipment for setting up camp, a dagger, a bag with a few coins, the tools she need for her divination and illusion shows and a few odds and ends like a hair comb and those sort of things.
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